GooNew gives fans his 2nd project of the year. This one is titled Big64. Featuring 11 new songs and guest appearances by Chaz Bandz, Borleone, and Cell Chapo. Also featuring production by Redz, MJ, Ayee Checho, Hurtboy, Foster, and more. You can stream Big64 in its entirety below and download it now on iTunes/Google Play.

01. GooNew – Glocks Out
02. GooNew – Revenge
03. GooNew – Typo (Feat. Chaz Bandz)
04. GooNew – Nightmares
05. GooNew – Making Plays (Feat. Borleone)
06. GooNew – Came In
07. GooNew – Cloud
08. GooNew – Slide Thru (Feat. Cell Chapo)
09. GooNew – Takin’ Ova
10. GooNew – Dirty House
11. GooNew – Free Flock, Free Swerve