Apollo Brown and Joell Ortiz are gearing up to release their upcoming joint project Mona Lisa on October 26th. Here is their latest release titled โ€œReflection.โ€

Apollo Brown spoke about the release:

โ€œReflectionโ€ is a super relatable chill joint. Gotta have a card like this one in every deck. Iโ€™m pretty sure this was the first song we recorded, so it set an amazing tone for what was to come. Reminiscent thoughts, the feelings of today, and the idea of tomorrowโ€ฆโ€ฆainโ€™t no more hungry nights.

Joell Ortiz also added:

โ€œReflectionโ€ is self-explanatory. It is me just sharing some of my thoughts and feelings with the listeners. This is one of those songs where the pen was sort of moving on its own and I didnโ€™t stop it. Feels melancholic yet triumphant. Oh well.

You can pre-order Mona Lisa on now iTunes/Google Play.