Album Stream: Rico Love – Even Kings Die


Rico Love delivers the follow up to his popular 2015 debut Turn the Lights. His sophomore project is titled Even Kings Die. Featuring 13 new songs and guest appearances by Bryan-Michael Cox, Teedra Moses, Scarlet and Ball Greezy. He had this to say about the project:

“I apologize for telling you to chase your dreams. I apologize for telling you that if you work hard consistently and do right by others, all things will come together for you. I apologize for telling good prevails over evil. I apologize NOT because these things weren’t or aren’t necessarily true, but because at the time that I was saying it I wasn’t believing it. I had helped so many and they betrayed me. I had loved some who hated me secretly. I put all of my effort into a project that I thought would put me on the heart and mind of the world and it FAILED. The earth was cracking beneath my feet and I was angry! So I ran away. I made every excuse to make myself seem cool but in actuality I was a COWARD. It took something major to crack my soul in pieces but also taught me find the beauty in putting it back together again. So yes, EVEN KINGS DIE. But the KINGDOM lives on forever. I hope you appreciate my honesty.”

You can stream Even Kings Die in its entirety below and download it now on iTunes/Google Play.