Album Stream: Sammie – Everlasting


Sammie - Everlasting


Sammie delivers his fifth studio album Everlasting. Featuring 13 new songs and guest appearances by Lil Baby and My Family. He delivered a message to his fans:

“Thank you for lending to me your gifts that you embody. Thank you for utilizing your relationships in hopes to propel me forward and higher. Thank you for believing in my gift and vision. Thank you for being a part of my story that has now become “our” story. And to @ghazi x @nima x @phasetoo and the entire @empire family, and my brudda @alopeziv (I love you)… This partnership is fruitful, transparent and pure. Honored to be a part of such a franchise. And lastly to “The Sammie Lovers” forever and always, this is our fourth album together! Thank you for allowing me to grow… From that little 12 year old boy you all fell in love with back in 1999, into this soon to be 32 year old man on 3/1 2019 (what a ride this has been). THANK YOU. THANK YOU JEHOVAH. #EVERLASTING 3/1.”

You can stream Everlasting in its entirety below and download it now on iTunes/Google Play.