Video: No Jumper’s Adam22 Has Gun Pulled On Him During Livestream


No Jumper's Adam22 Has Gun Pulled On Him During Livestream


No Jumper content host and polarizing character Adam22 has had his fair share of run ins and viral moments on his Youtube livestream. Trippie Redd poured a soda on his head, which caught a buzz and troubled Instagram comedian Boonk Gang falling apart at the seams, was so doped up on pills he couldn’t stand on his own. Last night during his livestream his life was put in danger as he was held up at gunpoint by an unknown assailant.

Adam22 was in the middle of hosting his Youtube web show being passed a tray of food. When a man rushes in the room and points a gun at his head. The too start to tussle, Adam even cracks a nervous smile as the incident ensues. They fall out of view as his staff run up to help. One of the staff members can be heard sayin “Don’t you ever run up on us with a fucking gun you little bitch” and “I almost fucking shot this fucking dude”.

Adam22 comes back on camera wondering why the gun didn’t shoot and they were gonna stop the stream to call the police with the man knocked unconscious on the ground beside him.

Watch the clips below and stay tuned for more information as the story develops.