Jay Electronica Teases Joint Album with Jay-Z

Jay Electronica has been elusive about actually releasing an album since 2009. Last night, Jay decided to do a Q&A with fans on Instagram. He answered various questions like “What’s his favorite Badu song” (“Telephone”), “when will he stop experimenting” (when I’m finished.), etc. But two revelations during the Q&A have intrigued Jay Elect fans and fans of hip hop in general.

One fan asked if we would be getting new music from him in 2019, which he replied “yes”. Another fan dug a little deep and asked Jay if himself and Jay Z would be coming out with a project together to which he surprisingly replied “possible. likely.”

Do we believe him, yes. Will it actually drop, only time will tell. Last September, he finally released his 2010 collab with Jay Z titled “Shiny Suit Theory”. I’ll keep you posted on any further information about their joint project as it becomes available.