Le$ - Expansion Pack 2.0 (Artwork & Tracklist Revealed)

LeS will be release the sequel to his 2014 Expansion Pack EP  titled Expansion Pack 2.0 on  March 29th. The project with feature 14 new songs and guest appearances by Larry June, Premo Rice, Chuck Inglish, Lenora, and more.

Check out the full Expansion Pack 2.0 tracklist below and pre-order it now on Apple Music/Google Play.

1. Outrun 2019
2. Double Clutch
3. Top Gear
4. Ball x Parlay (Feat. Larry June)
5. Worldwide Playas (Feat. Premo Rice)
6. Mr. Steak x Shrimp Interlude
7. Bout It
8. 4K (Feat. Chuck Inglish)
9. Mimosa
10. Lotus Turbo Challenge
11. Downshift (Feat. Lenora)
12. Alcantara (Feat. Lenora)
13. Co-Driver
14. Paradise