Jennifer Lopez - The Breakfast Club Interview


Jennifer Lopez dropped her new video “Medicine” at the beginning of the week. She sits down with The Breakfast Club to talk about her love for making music, Game Of Thrones, YouTube channel, “Medicine” featuring French Montana, working with Cardi B, Hustlers, going to a strip club, engagement to Alex Rodriguez, female empowerment, health practices, insecurities, upcoming tour, Diddy commenting on her Instagram, and more.

She also sat down with Hot 97’s Nessa Nitty to chop it up about going to the strip club with A. Rod to prepare for Hustlers, conversations with Cardi B, what advice she would give to her younger self, being a working mom, working out with A. Rod and she plays Rapid Fire with Nessa where she talks about sharing her phone password, who should pay on the first date and more!

Watch the interview below and download “Medicine” now on Apple Music/Google Play.