Kash Doll - Hustla

Detroit’s Kash Doll premiere his new single/video “Hustla:The Kelly Chronicles”. In the Nimi Hendrix-directed mini movie, she stars as the dancer Kelly. A character who was inspired by women Kash met during her time working in strip clubs. She had this to say about the visual

“‘Kelly Chronicles’ is a story based on things I’ve seen in the real world strip club life, although thankfully it’s not my own experience.  I wanted to show girls that it’s not all glitz and glamour. Sometimes women sacrifice their peace of mind, dignity and most importantly self-worth.”

She adds:

‘Kelly Chronicles’ will be an ongoing story. As a former dancer, I used to be in that world, and I want girls to know it’s not just what you see on social media. There are stories of missing girls with cases still open because of situations like these. With this mini movie series, I’m speaking on situations that come from living that lifestyle. There is a lot of peer pressure and you can easily get led in the wrong direction. I want to give these women a voice, and make sure these stories and cautionary tales are told.”

Check out the full mini-movie below and download “Hulsta” now on Apple Music/Google Play.