Youtube To Start Banning Supremacist & Conspiracy Videos

Youtube has long been the place for the people to post their own content and display their lives from their own perspective but it’s also been a hot bed for wild conspiracy theories, fake news and racist tirades. They now announce a new policy where they will begin banning and removing content that they deem supremacist and undocumented conspiracies.

According to Wired, Youtube will now ban any content that “promotes the superiority of one group over another based on a person’s age, gender, race, caste, religion, sexual orientation, or veteran status”.

The community guideline was announced on Wednesday June 5th after a back and forth with far-right Youtuber Steven Crowder, where his speech was deemed harmful but didn’t violate the policy once he removed the link the sale of a t-shirt with “hate speech”.

On the back end of the issue, Youtube will also start banning conspiracy theories that deny “well-documented violent events” such as the Sandy Hook school shooting, the Holocaust, etc.

The some what controversial part of the policy will be YouTube’s recommendation algorithm to promote “authoritative” sources with no explanation on what YouTube will deem to be an authority. Currently there is also no guidelines on how to identify videos in violation, enforce the rule or punish violators. Senior fellow at the Center for American Progress and member of Change the TermsHenry Fernandez gave his thought on Youtube’s new policy stating

“The devil is in the enforcement well known white supremacists and hateful content creators remain on the platform even after this policy announcement. In order to end hateful activities on their platform, we urge YouTube to also develop adequate means to monitor and enforce these new important terms.”

We can all see how this new policy may go bad and hopefully with some fine tuning the correct violators will be punish. Stay tuned for more info as this story develops.