Lil Jon ft. Mac Dre – Ain’t No Tellin

Lil Jon pay respects to the late Bay Area legend Mac Dre with his new single titled “Ain’t No Tellin”. Before he actually recorded the record, Jon created over 30 beats with producer Kronic and ended up going back to one originally made for Janet Jackson. He also worked alongside Mac Dre’s mother Mac Wanda. Jon spoke to XXL about the track stating:

For me, I put Mac Dre right up there with Biggie and Pac as legends who have since passed on. I woke up one morning and remembered a beat I did for a Janet Jackson remix. She never used it. When I heard his vocals over the beat I was like “this is it!” I think maybe God had me do that beat for Mac Dre the whole time… That was the reason Janet never used it.

Mac Wanda added:

I’m more than excited for this record to come out. I’m grateful to Lil Jon and emotional about it as well. I’m a Lil Jon fan, and my son was a Lil Jon fan, so when he respectfully approached me about this idea there was no way I was going to say no to him. I truly believe Jon and I were meant to come together for this to happen… He’s properly honoring Dre, The Bay and certainly the sound. I appreciate all the people that have reached out about honoring the legacy of my son and those that have helped me through this, and to now have Jon bring his music back to Mac Dre fans and hopefully to some new young ones as well. It’s nothing but love!

You can stream “Ain’t No Tellin” below and download it now on Apple Music/Google Play.