Forbes Reveals The Richest Rappers Of 2019

Following the announcement of Jay Z as hip hop’s first billionaire at the beginning of the month, Forbes returns with their Richest Rappers 2019 list.

With Hov standing at #1, Dr. Dre ($800 million) follows at #2, Diddy ($740 million) at #3, Kanye West ($240 million) and his Yeezy Boost at #4, and Drake ($150 million) closing out the top 5 list.

Forbes explain how they cam up with their totals:

In order to compile our ranking of the richest rappers, we use the same procedures employed in the calculation of our annual billionaires list: poring over financial documents, valuing major assets, and consulting with analysts, managers, attorneys and other industry insiders.

Drake’s net worth grew 50% over the past year to $150 million, boosted by holdings ranging from real estate to his Virginia Black whiskey, as well as a lucrative tour and new residency at the XS Nightclub in Las Vegas.

Even after claiming to be $53 million in debt in 2016, Kanye still holds a net worth of $240 million with the majority of it stemming from his partnership with adidas.

Diddy’s $740 million net worth comes from his majority holding in Ciroc and his tv network Revolt.

Dr. Dre’s $800 million was almost Hip Hop’s first billionaire but taxes knocked back a bit is still count the fetti from Apple’s $3 billion purchase of Beats By Dre headphone line in 2014