Joe Budden - Joe Budden Podcast w/ Rory, Mal & Parks (Episode 271)

The content Kings are joined by Nicki Minaj after an explosive encounter between Joe and Nicki. Nicki starts off by being honest with Joe (6:20). He also asks her thoughts on “gatekeepers” in media (15:33), the Nicki “hate-train” and how social media affects her (27:58). Nicki even addresses artist antics before an album release (34:47), streaming challenges (43:47), what the future holds for her (59:07), and her place in Hip Hop (66:21). The episode we’ve all been waiting for.

Sleeper Picks Joe: Johnny Rain – “D T L A” Rory: Kara Marni – “All Night Pt. 1” Mal: Brent Faiyaz – “F**k The World” Parks: Passport Gift – “Not Real To Me”