Drake Trolls Joe Budden On Instagram Live

On episode 273 of the Joe Budden Podcast, Joe, Rory, Mal & Parks reviewed the music that came out that week. One of the records that was released was a Drake & Swae Lee collab titled “Don’t Be Late”. Joe was critical of the record, Saying those two could’ve made something better than a predictable Afrobeat jam. A style that has become popular since French Montana and Swae Lee’s his single “Unforgettable” back in 2017. Joe’s critique”

“I cannot believe these niggaas gave us an Afrobeat. If there’s two people that should know that we don’t want any anymore Afrobeats from them, it’s Swae and Drake.”

Swae Lee and Drake must’ve both heard the criticism because Swae Lee made a few statements seemingly responding to Joe’s sentiment. Drake decided to have a more direct approach, since the two on again, off again friends have bumped heads once before due to a music critique. Drake decided to troll Joe’s Instagram Live during his popular annual pool party, which made for a hilarious roasting session. During the live broadcast Drake made sarcastic comments like

“play your diss songs for me I wanna see if it rings off”

“that shit look like its sponsored by 4 loko”

“play Tyga lime in the coconut set that party off right”

“pump it up would send that air bnb into a frenzy on god”

Joe eventually responded to Drake by sarcastically telling him “That’s not nice”,

I don’t think Joe really minded though.

Check out the screenshots from Joe’s IG Live below and tune into the next pocast. I’m sure he will address it whether its really beef or not.