Album Stream: Medhane – Cold Water


Brooklyn’s Medhane delivers his new project Cold Water. Featuring 15 new tracks and guest appearances/production by Alexander Spit, Chuck Strangers, ohbliv, AFB, and more. He told DJ Booth about the project:

Own Pace was where things happened to me. Full Circle was me finding my own footing and trying to put sound to what’s going on inside my head, and Cold Water is getting more into the actual struggles I had with depression and my mental health and me accepting them.”

He continues:

“[Cold Water is] me going deeper into my emotions and leveling up with the raps as well,” he continued. “I think my raps on this one are way harder than the ones on my last two projects. The shit I be tryna do with the imagery and assonance and internal rhyme and shit. I felt like I had more to say this time overall.”

You can stream Cold Water in its entirety below and download it now on Apple Music/Google Play.