EP Stream: UMI – Introspection


Keep Cool/RCA‘s UMI delivers her new EP Introspection. Featuring six new songs an no listed guest appearances. The EP also comes with a short film produced with Issa Rae’s production company Raedio. UMI says about the project:

“Introspection is a reflection of my journey inward. I’ve never been more honest in my expression of self, and I hope that it serves as a reminder that our highest healing and growth comes from within,. The film is an extension of the music, creating a world for viewers to live in. The story is an apt visual metaphor for how interconnected life and our individual experiences really are. Unpacking themes of self-discovery, love, heartbreak, and family dynamics, [co-director] Jocelyn Woods and I hope that people can find themselves in the film—that it can serve as a mirror inward”.

You can stream Introspection in its entirety and watch the short film below. Download it now on Apple Music/Google Play.