New Music: Brady Watt ft. Spencer Ludwig, Dru Oliver & Randy Class – MÁS


DJ Premiere’s TTT (To The Top) artist Brady Watt premieres his latest single titled “MÁS” featuring Spencer Ludwig, Dru Oliver & Randy Class. Brady had this to say about the track:

“MÁS” is a track a long time in the making. As a producer and composer I’m always coming up with chord changes and melodies. Some stay with me for years before they get used. These chord changes and melody struck me while playing guitar about five years ago and remained upstairs until January 2018. I finally built out the beat and loved it, though I was not yet sure what to do with it. I met Spencer Ludwig at a party. We turned up crazy that night and became fast friends. He came to my studio in Harlem about a week later and brought two up and coming songwriters/artists Dru Oliver and Randy Class with him to see what happened if we all got in a room together. The beat for ‘MÁS’ was the first one I hit play on. They started writing immediately! It all happened so organically and since that session we’ve become tight and been doing work together all summer. I moved out to LA for the winter to work and actually ended up doing a bunch of sessions with Dr. Dre, pulling all nighters and stuff (Utter craziness). I spent a lot of time mixing “MÁS” out West, (definitely with some vibes I picked up from the Doctor, who in my opinion is the best mix engineer of all time).”

Check out “MÁS” below and download it now on Apple Music/Google Play.