J. Cole Covers Billboard


J. Cole covers the latest issue of Billboard magazine. For the cover story, they caught up with Jermaine at his KOD tour stop in Dallas to chop it up about Donald Trump & why he didn’t vote for Hillary Clinton, why he doesn’t feel like a star, criticism of his latest album KOD, having an “intense” conversation with XXXTentation back in February over FaceTime, Kelis’ abuse allegations against Nas and more. Check out the excerpt below and read the full cover story on Billboard.com.

What gets on your radar? How much media do you consume?
I’m in the Dreamville [group] chat on the executive side, and in there, there are updates about such-and-such dropped an album. Then I’m in the sports chat, which also bleeds over into everything. There’s not many big things that miss me.

What keeps you from sharing your opinions on Twitter?
If I’m in a conversation with somebody and it’s natural and it’s organic, I’m going to speak freely. But rarely do I feel the need to hop on Twitter or social media and chime in, especially on rap and music shit. This shit is not real. This shit is fucking fake. This shit is high school. This shit is fucking celebrity worship. In college, we had this running joke that all our meetings of the Black Student Union — that I ended up becoming president of, but I was just a member my freshman and sophomore years — always eventually ended up talking about Jay-Z. No matter what black topic, social issue or community shit we was talking about, somebody brought up fucking Jay-Z. It never failed.

Celebrity drama is one thing, but what about serious matters like politics?
I might not be on Twitter at that time. I might not be in the mode of confidently expressing my opinions via text. I speak better from the heart, out loud. And when it really moves me, I’ll do it. But politics really doesn’t interest me anymore. I try to stay as far away from politics as possible.