Video: Donald Glover Stars In adidas Originals Ad


Donald Glover Stars In adidas Originals Ad


Donald Glover joins forces with adidas Originals for a new sneaker collection. Here is the official ad titled Donald Glover Presents: adidas Originals. Directed by Ibra Ake and co-starring Mo’Nique.

The collection includes the models Nizza, Continental 80, and Lacombe.

He spoke to Billboard about partnership:

“Rich is a concept. With this project, I wanted to encourage people to think about how their stories can be told on their feet. Value isn’t quantified by what you wear, rather the experiences from them. And you make the decision on what works for you, you live through your own lens. The partnership for me is about being able to exemplify what doing your own thing truly looks and feels like.”

Over the weekend, Childish premiere his new film Guava Island co-starring Rihanna, at Coachella 2019. 

Watch Donald Glover Presents: adidas Originals below. The adidas Originals collection hits stores on will be available April 26th.