Music Video: Emilio Rojas – Spite


Emilio Rojas – Spite

Emilio Rojas liberated the visuals for his track “20 Bands” back in February. He returns to premiere the official video for his latest release “Spite”. Directed by Stacking Memories.

Emilio recently celebrated his 35th birthday at the Aztec ruins. He took to Instagram to share the moment.

“Listening to music at the *Aztec* ruins.” Being in a place like this is humbling. Walking through and feeling the energy of such an ancient culture really makes you appreciate what you have now – and who you have it with. These people were so advanced. They achieved things we are STILL incapable of now. They were spiritually aligned in ways we no longer are. With the advancement of society and technology – a lot of us have lost our connection to our own souls – ESPECIALLY with social media. We all give people specifically curated versions of our lives and stress over how these life-exhibits are received. We stand in rooms full of people – all staring at phones and social media – but act anti social with eachother. Maybe we need to disconnect to reconnect… nah fuck it – like my photo and gimme validation and that little serotonin injection in my brain when someone engages w my IG lmaoooo.”

Watch the “Spite” video below and download it now on Apple Music/Google Play.