Music Video: Travis Scott – Highest in the Room


With rumors looming of his break up with his daughter’s mother Kylie Jenner, Travis Scott returns with a brand new video/single titled “Highest in the Room”. He spoke with Zane Lowe about his new music:

“I just gotta always be able to come up with the ill shit to deliver to the fans. I’m glad I’m able to get to this point right now I’ve been ready to drop this shit forever. To be honest it was sort of just something I wanted to perform at the tie. I was just performing it this is at a point where I’ve done it at so many shows and it’s been so fun doing it I was like man I gotta just drop this and I’m gearing up for something more special to come following that. I’m at the point where I’m just trying to cook up some dope shit and drop ‘Highest in the Room,’ and maybe put something around it. I’m in no rush frankly but I’m taking my time to come up with the next album but I’m always down to drop music and serve some packs to the fans. It’s time for the fans to eat.”

Watch the “Highest In The Room” video below and download it now on Apple Music/Google Play.