Music Video: Lupe Fiasco – Hey Lupe


Lupe Fiasco digs into his vaults to release a record titled “Hey Lupe”. Charles “Chill” Patton, co-founder of Lupe’s 1st & 15th label, tells the story behind the record:

“I vividly remember the day Lupe recorded this song. I got the beat from the producer and played it twice for Lu while we were riding in a white Suburban, 20 minutes later we made it to the studio and he immediately went in and knocked out the whole song — verses, hook, adlibs, etc. It was natural for him, but not so natural for me to see this, and I had been around some of the greats. This is when I knew he was a Monster!! It’s been in the vaults for many years, and now we are excited to share it with his fans.”

Check out the visual for “Hey Lupe” below.