Album Stream: Pharoahe Monch & th1rt3en – A Magnificent Day For an Exorcism


Pharoahe Monch and th1rt3en with legendary drummer Daru Jones and legendary guitarist Marcus Machado. release their debut album, A Magnificent Day For an Exorcism. Featuring thirteen new records and guest appearances/production by Cypress HillNottz, Marco Polo, Parks, E. Jones, and more. Monch says about the project:

“It’s something I’ve wanted to do for like 15 years. Right after the Desire album, I was like I’ve wanted to do heavy, hardcore, dark, evil stuff for years. This record is culminating to be artistically all of those things. You know I’m a huge Led Zeppelin fan, Black Sabbath fan, Iron Maiden fan, I’m a Metallica fan; so in terms of hip-hop artists who have dabbled in other genres, I still feel like I have something to contribute. And that’s hip-hop to me because you know when I first started, I would listen to the radio and I’d say to my partner that we can do something just as good, if not better than that and add something to the culture. When you hear this new shit you’re going to think nothing sounds like this. And I think that’s hip-hop in itself or original hip-hop. It was all about coming up with a move that no one else was doing, or lettering that no one else was doing. Now it’s all just copy, copy, copy. I think for me this will be invigorating and beautiful to my spirit if the fans take to it, because it’s like nothing I’ve ever done before; it’s a challenge.”


You can stream A Magnificent Day For an Exorcism in its entirety below and download it now on Apple Music/Amazon Music.