Audio: Joe Budden – The Joe Budden Podcast w/ Rory, Mal & Parks (Episode 414) “Mashed Potatoes”


In this episode:

Joe, Rory, Mal and Parks recap their Super Bowl weekends (23:48) by reviewing Joe’s chef, the Chiefs/Buccaneers game performance, The Weeknd’s trivial half-time show (40:00), Tom Brady (25:30), his verbal altercations with Tyrann Mathieu, and whether he or Serena Williams is the real GOAT (53:45). They discuss Malcolm & Marie (58:25), Netflix’s newest film starring Zendaya and John David Washington, and Rory shares his experience with getting his cords broken (1:13:55). Bow Wow and Papoose are retiring from rap (2:01:05), and the guys break down low self esteem (2:06:30) as well as the timing of a rapper’s retirement (2:28:20). Joe shares that he feels triggered by the retirement discussion, and Mal suggests that maybe he just wasn’t that good at making music (2:37:30). New close friends additions, contrasting threesomes, and much more! For more exclusive content: become a Patron of the The Joe Budden Podcast.

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