Video: Tyler, The Creator’s Coca-Cola Ad


Tyler, The Creator makes his way in a new Coca-Cola’s new commercial for their “Open that Coca-Cola” campaign. The spot features a diverse group of people dancing to Tyler’s music after drinking a Coke. The commercial features kids dancing at a local store, a pair of video gamers, and a couple being pampered at their home. Later a family jams at the dinner table and an outdoor choir rejoices. Tyler had this to say about the ad:

“I provided Coca-Cola with all the sounds for this. Drums are fucking hard the low end is shaking. That’s me playing the flute at the beginning…….Mannnn thanks coca cola for reallll. Big love for the opportunity. I was like ehh idk but then I fucking ran with it. Commercials need sounds like this, thanksssss.”

Watch the ad below.