New Music: Drakeo The Ruler ft. Drake – Talk To Me


Drakeo The Ruler was released from jail back in November 2020. He’s gearing up for a new  project titled The Truth Hurts. He gets an assist from the 6 God Drake himself for a new track called “Talk To Me”. He had this to say about his project and the Drake feature:

“When I was in jail, I was supposed to do something already. Everybody was telling me, but I had got my privileges taken They was telling me he had something for me, but I’m like, ‘Whatever, bro.’ I got out of jail and my engineer was like, “Why you don’t follow Drake?” I’m like, “He don’t follow me, bro.” Then I looked, and I’m like, “Oh yeah.” So I hit him up, I’m like, “Let’s do something.” And then he’s like, “What’s your number? I got this song I did for you…..So I was like, yo, this is crazy, right? It’s really an accomplishment for me, because I never thought none of this stuff would happen, just doing the tape,” he continues. “It just reminded me of me being in jail when I was like, ‘dang, I’m really here doing this tape.’ I’ve got Drake on here. It was kind of crazy to me. I never thought none of this stuff would happen. So I was kind of happy when I finished the tape.”

You can stream “Talk To Me” below.