EP Stream: Sylvan Lacue – Young Sylvan Ep.2


Sylvan Lacue his second EP in a trilogy titled Young Sylvan Episode 2. Featuring six new records and guest appearances/contributions by Drakeo the Ruler, Grandmaster Vic, Orianthi, Merlaku Ra, Gary Biddy, and more. He recently spoke about the project stating:

“The Young Sylvan trilogy is about putting childhood trauma to rest. After Apologies in Advance, I realized I had a whole mess of emotions I’ve yet to deal with going back to my adolescence. Healing from childhood trauma isn’t easy or pretty… or delightful. Finding energy to face pent up/repressed anger, hatred, resentment and frustration – and where it all stemmed from – is what I’ve spent the last two-three years doing in my downtime. It’s what I’m continuing to do as I make this post. That’s what these episodes are all about. I learned that I can’t just live in the sunshine, I have to do work on my shadow self as well.”

You can Young Sylvan Episode 2 stream in its entirety below and download it now on Apple Music/Amazon Music.