Album Stream: Vince Staples – Vince Staples


After a two and a half year hiatus, Vince Staples returns with his new self-titled album. He told Zane Lowe:

“I was having a lot of conversations with a lot of people around me, and people always said, ‘Oh, you used to always say these stories and this and that, and I don’t notice much about these specific things. Why don’t you put it into the music?’ And it’ll be stuff that has been in songs for years. And then I realize… the backdrop wasn’t right for certain things I was saying or vice versa. So I feel like this is kind of very descript and distinct… not just where I come from, it’s not a bunch of glory stories or things like that, I guess it’s just more personal………It really gives much more information about me that wasn’t out there before.” That’s why I went with the title,” he said in another statement. “I’ve been trying to tell the same story. As you go on in life, your point of view changes. This is another take on myself that I might not have had before.”

Vince Staples featured 10 new records produced entirely by Kenny Beats, and a lone feature from Foushee.

You can stream Vince Staples in its entirety below and download it now on Apple Music/Amazon Music.