Album Stream: Benji – Smile, You’re Alive!


Spillage Village member, Benji delivers his debut album, Smile, You’re Alive! Inspired by a speech from Sadhguru, an honored Indian yogi, the album is all about second chances and realizing what you have now. Benji told Okayplayer about the project

“I don’t think anybody knew I was going to walk to a bridge and try to jump. When I got into my house and into my room, that [speech] was the very first video I saw… It sounded like he was following me the whole time. The very next day I started working on that album.”

Featuring 13 new songs and featuring guest appearances by PK Delay, Jordan Hawkins, My Favorite Color, Mars Jackson, and Livefromthecity.

You can stream Smile, You’re Alive! in it entirety below and download it now on Apple Music/Amazon Music.