Video: NEW RORY & MAL (Episode 17) “Bi-Coastal”


In this episode:

Rory & Mal start off on a random note per usual, and then settle into a conversation regarding the tragedy that occurred at the AstroWorld Festival (9:16), and the discussion going on social media right now about who should be held responsible. Of course, Mal couldn’t wait to talk on the long-awaited release of Summer Walker’s new album ‘Still Over It’ (16:58), and this leads into a mini therapy session about how your own childhood family trauma could affect the family you create (25:10), as well as how it could be thrown in your face later, which Rory speaks on being one of his triggers (39:30). Mal gets into his own tendencies to detach from the world socially and how it effects his personal life (40:30), and then get Justice on the phone to defend himself against the Summer Walker contract rumors (47:22). They eventually get to Kanye’s Drink Champs interview (50:50), and congratulate N.O.R.E. on such a huge moment, for both hip-hop and podcasting + more!