EP Stream: Tierra Whack – Rap?


Tierra Whack surprises her fans with a new EP titled Rap?. Featuring three new records. She spoke with Zane Lowe:

“I listen to all classics all day,. When I’m looking for that inspiration I dig, I go do my homework. So, the people who just really give it to you, they’re telling you the real story and you can feel that they’re not leaving out any details. This is what happened, this is what happened to them. They were there, they went through it and they got through it. So yeah I’m listening to the classic legends. I’m going back, I’m digging. That’s what I like to do. My favorite thing is to watch documentaries and stuff too, films on artists of all sorts, music, art, every everything.”

Whack also released a visual for her track “Stand Up”. You can stream Rap? below.