Video: NEW RORY & MAL | Episode 25 | FT. RUSS


…and get comfortable! Rory & Mal sit down with rapper Russ off the release of his album ‘Chomp 2’, starting off speaking on his previous run in with Mal, which leads into a conversation about his opinion on the media vs. the artist. Russ rehashes the ‘Everyday Struggle’ interview that he believes started the media hate for him, and the timeline of accompanying situations where he offended people (10:28), and he addresses how being anti-industry affects his career (14:50). Rory asks Russ if maybe he is the wrong messenger to push his message of independence to a black led culture (23:00). Mal inquired about Russ not dating women in the industry just for a look (29:30), and Russ opens up about his current love life and his outlook on marriage.

Finally, they get into his new album ‘Chomp 2’, (53:00), discussing what Russ was trying to accomplish with this album, and going toe to toe with some of the best rappers on his features. Rory asks Russ about his opinion on SoundCloud rappers and SoundCloud not evolving when it had the chance (1:13:00). They start on a conversation about the negatives of independence and why it’s not for everyone (1:24:50). Russ talks about finding his latest artist off Tik-Tok (1:51:30), and how keeping his morals about independence while signing artists is important to him. As they wrap up, Rory asks Russ how he sees himself aging in HipHop (2:11:20), and they end off with Russ speaking on issues he’s had with other rappers (2:43:00).

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