New Music: SiR – Nothing Even Matters


TDE’s SiR will be releasing his new album titled Heavy soon. He said this about the upcoming project:

“It’s not Chasing Summer. We did a great job being in the moment with [Chasing Summer] and trying to give the fans something that was me at the time. In this next project, we’re doing the same thing, but in a different way. I’m in a different space mentally, physically and spiritually. It’s going to be enlightening and tell a side of my life that people haven’t heard yet. So many things have changed with me. It’s going to be nice to reintroduce myself to the world and my fans….This project focuses a lot on my mental health,” he continued. “It talks about two sides of my life and how they intertwine. I went through some stuff and had to figure out what I wanted. I think we do a good job of painting a very vivid picture of the duality of being an artist and a regular, everyday man. I know there’s music on here that people need to hear. It’s going to hopefully help people who are going through similar situations that I went through and help them overcome some adversity.”

SiR premieres the official video for his second single “Nothing Even Matters”. The heartfelt ballad is about his wife and family and the dual roles he plays as an entertainer and the man of the house.

Watch the “Nothing Even Matters” video below.

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